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Aviation Soldier of the Year

I commend you for your exceptional service as maintenance of 6th Aviation Regiment.

You are an outstanding soldier who is widely respected throughout the 6th Aviation Regiment. Your mentoring ability and attitude command respect from subordinates and superiors alike. Your easy going yet professional personality combined with your technical prowess has allowed tradesmen under your command to develop from a professional standpoint into future trade superiors and maintenance managers. Despite the mission focus and can do attitude that resonates within your teams, you are an advocate of aviation safety. Your Mission First, Safety Always approach enables to lead your soldiers to mission success.

Your superior leadership and technical abilities have been demonstrated during a number of exercises, in particular during Exercise Dawn Tiger in 2014 (the regiments first international engagement exercise in Malaysia) and Exercise Iron Rotor 2015 (in support of the Special Air Services Regiment in Perth). You demonstrated your operational efficiency and command ability by leading your teams in achieving all require aircraft tasking safely during periods on intense operational tempo. Leading from the front, you maintained excellent aircraft serviceability whilst in a foreign country despite operating within a dislocated repair parts chain. Your unwavering ability to manage your workforce, plan scheduled maintenance and address unscheduled maintenance in austere environments ensured mission success for the detachment and paved a way for the aviation capability by proving such deployments are achievable from an aircraft maintenance perspective.

In addition to performing your normal daily duties, you have demonstrated a superior ability for succession planning. You have taken on the role as he Squadron Maintenance Aircrewman Technician mentor where you personally devote your time to enhancing this capability. You have also devised various methods in improving the deployed maintenance capability. This has been evident where you have lead your team in standardising improved Fly Away Kit arrangements and updating out-of-date Composite Tool Kit tools and containers. Your knowledge has greatly assisted the Troop Commander in improving the squadron embedded maintenance node, particularly within a unit that maintains one of the Army’s shortest notice to move requirements. Your exceptional standard of professional excellence and dedication has brought great credit upon yourself and the Regiment and are in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian Army.

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