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Aviation Soldier of the Year

SGT Malcom Roy Haddon enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on the 28 April 1982. He served with the Royal Australian Infantry Corps until his transfer to the Australian army Aviation Corps on 4 March 1987. SGT Haddon has subsequently served at the School of Army Aviation, 173rd Surveillance Squadron, and is current posted as Groundcrewman Sergeant, 162nd Reconnaissance Squadron.

SGT Haddon has made an outstanding contribution to the operational effectiveness of 162nd Reconnaissance Squadron, particularly during December 1993 until December 1994 when he was acting Operations Officer. He accepted the additional responsibility of this demanding position well, ensuring that the Squadron operations continued to function in an efficient and timely manner. This added responsibility often required SGT Haddon to work additional hours in his own time.

SGT Haddon’s devotion to duty is typified by his efforts in improving and standardising the Squadron’s Command Posts (CP). On his own initiative, SGT Haddon drafted, staffed, and following approval, implemented a redesign of the Squadron’s CP layout. This redesign has resulted in not only an increase in efficiency, but also due to its functional design a decrease in operator workloads. SGT Haddon’s efforts have been considered at Regimental level for implementation across 1st Aviation Regiment.

While accepting the additional responsibility as the Squadron Operations Officer until January 1995, SGT Haddon has continued to oversee the development of the Squadron’s groundcrewmen. He has developed a loyal, hard working and focussed team who have consistently drawn the praise of supported units. His efforts, particularly in the area of communications training and Raven radio implementation, have resulted in a consistently high standard of performance in both the barracks and field environments.

SGT Haddon’s efforts as the temporary 162nd Reconnaissance Squadron’s Operations Officer and the leadership he has displayed in his capacity as the Groundcrewman Sergeant are to be commended. His outstanding performance makes him a worthy recipient of the Army Aviation Soldier of the Year for 1995.

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