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Aviation Soldier of the Year

SGT Lance Peterson is awarded the Australian Army Aviation Association Soldier of the Year for 2001n for his exemplary professionalism and outstanding contribution towards the development and conduct of groundcrewman training.

SGT Peterson was posted as an Instructor to Aviation Trade Wing in January 2000. His arrival coincided with a period of great change for the Groundcrewman Trade. From the outset he demonstrated the ability to work unsupervised and seemingly unphased by the pressures of a tight schedule to develop, write and conduct the necessary training. He personally took charge of developing the communications modules within the Mission Support course. Of his own volition he sought out additional training for himself to supplement his considerable expertise in communications so as to ensure that the standard of training delivered to Aviation Groundcrewmen was the best available. Concurrently, hi also undertook a Training Technologist course to help facilitate the integrity of the course material for which he was responsible within the Wing.

SGT Peterson’s wide knowledge and practise of the many facets that go to make up his tradecraft as a soldier engenders respect from superiors, peers and trainees alike. As an individual, his work ethic, indomitable sense of humour, team spirit and integrity are no less inspirational.

Overall he is an exemplary role model for the many young soldiers who have passed through his care over the period. SGT Peterson’s contribution to the professional advancement of the Corps’ Groundcrewman has been nothing short of outstanding. Indeed, by his actions and persona he very much embodies the peace time soldier.

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