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Aviation Soldier of the Year

SGT Glenn Henderson is awarded the Australian Army Aviation Association Soldier of the Year for 2002 for his professionalism and commitment to the development of the Aviation “HGU-56P Aircrew Helment BlueFin Ensemble, Ephese Aircrew Breathing System, and HEEDS” capability.

SGT Henderson’s efforts and “can do” attitude has enabled the Australian Defence Force to expand its ability to perform Airborne Special Operations and Counter Terrorism with increased safety. His efforts and attitude were also highlighted after a recent rotation to East Timor as part of the 5th Aviation Regiment detachment. Once again the “Can do” attitude and enthusiasm contributed greatly to the effectiveness of the detachment and unit morale.

SGT Hendersen’s dedication to the Australian Army Aviation capability represents exemplary performance in the finest traditions of the Royal Corps of Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and reflects great credit upon yourself and the Australian Army.

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