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Aviation Soldier of the Year

For outstanding performance and devotion to duty as the A Squadron 5th Aviation Regiment Operations Sergeant. Sergeant McCormick, during his term as Operations Sergeant, has displayed exceptional qualities in leadership, organisational and personnel management. He was posted into the Squadron during a tumultuous period in 1998. The Squadron was in the process of recovering the Special Operation capability.

The Squadron conducted intensive training, and an efficient and hardworking Operations Section was essential in completing this safely and effectively – Sergeant McCormick’s strong work ethics and competent performance was instrumental in achieving all that was required. During this period Sergeant McCormick held the vacant position as the Squadron Operations Officer for five months. In the latter half of 1999 Sergeant McCormick was instrumental in ensuring the Squadron deployed to Tindal with the correct equipment and personnel. When B Squadron 5 Aviation regiment deployed to Timor, the group deployed with the operational equipment and procedures that Sergeant McCormick had pulled together.

Sergeant McCormick is a most capable Senior NCO and leader. He has consistently provided strong and loyal support to his Operations Officer and to his OC utilising the best principles of directive control – an understanding of his Commander’s intent and an abundance of common sense. He exhibits leadership and organisational qualities. His unique style and his concern for his subordinates has resulted in an Operations Cell that is the envy of the rest of the Regiment, if not the Corps. He continually seeks to improve morale for the junior members of the Operations Cell and was instrumental in organising postings for his subordinates. Sergeant McCormick’s concern for the welfare of his soldiers and continued professional development of all members of his trade is second to none. He is a shining example to all AAAvn Groundcrewman and to the Corps as a whole.

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