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Aviation Soldier of the Year

SGT D.P. Heffernan is awarded the Australian Army Aviation Association Soldier of the Year for 1992 for service in the School of Army Aviation.

In January 1990, SGT Heffernan commenced his current posting at the School of Army Aviation (SAA) as the Aircrewman Observer Instructor assigned to Corps Training and Tactics Wing. His primary duty in this position is the management and conduct of the Aircrewman Observers Course; however, SGT Heffernan has also provided extensive instructional input into the Aircraft Handler, Refueller, Medic/Fireman Familiarisation and Regimental Officers Basic (ROBC) courses.

It is, however, in the area of course redevelopment, design and implementation that SGT Heffernan’s contributions to the Corps is most noteworthy. He has worked extensively on the rewrite of the Aircraft Handler course; notably the incorporation of the Aviation Bulk Refueller course into the Aircraft Handler course as a terminal objective rationalising not only the training, but also leading to training cost savings. Other projects involving much of SGT Heffernan’s personal time include the rewriting of the Subject Four for Corporal (Aviation), the recognition objectives for the ROBC and currently the Aircrewman Observer course.

Throughout the numerous writing projects with which SGT Heffernan has been involved, he has maintained his personal flying skills resulting in the award of a Category A Aircrewman Observer category on his 1991 annual recategorisation.

SGT Heffernan, throughout his professionalism, rapport with all ranks and willingness to devote many hours of his personal time to course development, has contributed markedly to the attainment of the SAA objectives for course redesign and implementation. His efforts will contribute significantly to the quality of training received by soldiers and junior regimental officers alike.

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