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Aviation Soldier of the Year

Sergeant CM Tyrrell, Australian Army Aviation Corps, is awarded the Army Aviation Association Soldier of the Year for exemplary service as the Ground Crew Mission Support Sergeant whilst posted to the Tactical Operations Cell, 5th Aviation Regiment.

You are a dedicated, hard-working and capable soldier whose commitment, professionalism and technical ability has significantly enhanced mission support contributions to Regiment flying operations. Your leadership and dedication to the members of your team have been critical to Ground Crew Mission Support integration and the success of Chinook and Taipan flying tasks at the 5th Aviation Regiment.

Your tireless efforts in leading soldiers in the Tactical Operations Centre have helped support the numerous, high profile activities of the unit such as Vigilant Scimitar, Operation Queensland Assist, Sea Explorer and Talisman Sabre. Your role in developing and mentoring junior soldiers has greatly improved soldier retention and the training competence of the members of your trade, which will continue to enhance the Mission Support provided to aviation operational support.

Your performance, commitment and leadership has been outstanding and in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian Army Aviation Corps. Your dedication in promoting the GCMS capability and supporting aviation operations has earned you high regard from your superiors and the respect of your peers. Your efforts have brought great credit upon yourself, your Corps and the Australian Army.

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