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Aviation Soldier of the Year

You are awarded The Australian Army Aviation Association Soldier of the Year for your outstanding innovation as an Aircrewman in the 5th Aviation Regiment during 2018.

Your expert knowledge and tenacity to identify and remedy a communications gap for embarked soldiers in the MRH-90 aircraft has enhanced command and control for the embarked commander. You have displayed impressive initiative and pursued accurate measures to prove your observations were correct, appropriate and feasible. This has confirmed the INVISIO headset is compatible for embarked Infantry to communicate in the cabin of the MRH-90.

Your diligence, understanding of tactical requirements and awareness of imperative air safety obligations have guided your innovation to determine a highly effective solution. You have demonstrated professionalism and maturity to engage with the chain of command and key stakeholders that has ensured your force modernisation idea meets safe operating parameters.

Your outstanding achievement is in keeping with the highest standards and finest traditions of the Australian Army and Australian Defence Force.

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