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Aviation Soldier of the Year

I commend you for your exemplary leadership as a Non-Commissioned Officer within the 5th Aviation Regiment.

Your proactive approach to your professional development, and obtaining qualifications associated with more senior ranks, has increased the capability of Technical Support Troop. Through the employment of your Independent Inspector authorisations you have reduced the time-lines associated with deep level maintenance and this has returned aircraft to fully mission capable status ahead of schedule.

You have displayed technical knowledge of the highest order in identifying second and third order effects of maintenance issues and implemented courses of action to mitigate likely problems for Technical Support Troop, C Squadron and supported units. You have provided outstanding levels of guidance and mentoring to your subordinates, in addition to your core duties, which will have an ongoing effect on the long term outputs of Technical Support Troop.

Your exceptional leadership and technical abilities are in keeping with the highest standards of the 5th Aviation Regiment and the Australian Army.

Dated this 8th day of August 2019

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