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The Australian Army Aviation Association is a non-corps based organisation that welcomes as members those who have served in Army aviation units or staffs, irrespective of uniformed or civilian status, service or corps. If you’re a serving member of the Australian Army aviation capability or a former member—or you’ve served with an Australian Army Aviation Unit in Australia, overseas or just been associated with Australian Army Aviation during your career, you should consider joining either as a full or an associate member.

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In accordance with Association By-laws, membership fees are as follows:

Ordinary Member


  • Any person who has served in an Australian Army aviation unit; and
  • Any person who has been directly involved in the management or command of Australian Army Aviation; and
  • The immediate family of any person who has served in an Australian Army Aviation unit.

Life Subscriber


  • Life Subscriber Membership shall be bestowed on an Ordinary Member on payment of the designated fee for the Life Subscriber Membership class of Membership.
  • A Life Subscriber shall be entitled to all provisions and subject to all limitations of this constitution applicable to an Ordinary Member.
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